Tabs are guaranteed to increase your on-site conversion rate. They are incredibly easy to install... it's just a matter of copy & paste.

Note: This installation requires access to your site's code. If you are not the web developer, forward this article to them for installation. While it's just a matter of copy & paste, you do need access to your store's HTML.

  1. Navigate here
  2. In the "Tab Code" section, select the code snippet and copy it
  3. Go to your site's HTML and paste the code anywhere on the pages you want the tab to display on. It is recommended to paste it somewhere towards the bottom of the page, such as in the footer. If your site uses a common footer, pasting it in the footer file will enable to tab on all of your site's pages. No matter where you paste it, it will always attach to the right side as a floating tab.

That's it, you're done! The badge will automatically attach itself to the right side of the screen for the pages it was pasted on. Users can now click it to view your most recent top reviews.

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