The Photo Carousel is part of our Visual Marketing feature suite which is available starting on our Premium Plan.


Collecting customer photos is a great way to show off your content to prospective site visitors. The Photo Carousel allows you to showcase all of your photos in a horizontal slider that works great on any page. Now when prospective site visitors come to your site, they can easily see all of your visual content throughout allowing them to connect better with your brand and feel more comfortable with making a purchase. 

Accessing the Product Carousel

  1. Login to your TrustSpot account
  2. Click on the Marketing Tab
  3. Click on Photo Carousel

Create a Photo Carousel

We built the Photo Carousel feature to give you control over what content is displayed on your site, and some branding customization options as well to better fit your site. 

The 1st step is selecting what photos to display in the Photo Carousel, we have a few options: 

  1. Instagram Photos
  2. Product Review Photos
  3. Company Review Photos

Next, you will select how many photos you would like to display within the carousel.

Brand Customization

The last section of the settings is meant to help you design the photo carousel to match the branding of your site. We have a few options including: 

  1. Title - example:  "Photos from our community #company-name"
  2. Title Color & Primary Color - Title color is for the text above the carousel, and the primary color is for the buttons that appear in the overlay (see below).
  3. Text alignment + font sizes

Once you're finished with everything, simply click "Save & Generate Code".

Displaying the Photo Carousel

Once you complete the design of your Photo Carousel and generate your code, it's time to add the Photo Carousel to your website. 

Important: Carousel code is generated once, and will not be saved for the future. This means if you make any changes to the settings pages, you will need to generate new code and add that code in replacement of your current one. 

To add the Photo Carousel to your website, you will first need to add our Core Javascript Library to your website. 

  1. Click on Product Reviews
  2. Click on Product Widgets
  3. Follow the instructions for Step #1 only (Core TrustSpot Library)

Once the JS library is added, now simply copy & paste the DIV code from the Photo Carousel settings area onto your site page. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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