Reviews are a critical aspect of any business, and displaying accurate reviews can make or break a situation. Since reviews are an important marketing tool that helps you to drive increased traffic, conversion rate and sales, your priority is often focused on moderating content. 

When you're faced with moderating a large number of reviews, TrustSpot can step in and provide it's services to help alleviate the time required by your team to process reviews, photos and Q&A. 

TrustSpot Human Moderation

At TrustSpot, we have a separate team dedicated to moderation, and once enabled, it is their duty to help you filter review content, photos, and Q&A. Some of their actions include: 

  • Flag spam reviews, inappropriate language, slander, competitor mentions and irrelevant content. 
  • Flag photos that contain inappropriate imagery or that is not relevant to the product, company, and/or review content. 
  • Flag Q&A that contain inappropriate language, slander, irrelevant content or spam in general. 
  • Notify you by email of any user generated content that requires your attention or to notify you of great reviews that can be shared across social media to drive business to your site. 

Human Moderation Benefits

  • Decrease the time spent by your team moderating user generated content, so they can focus on other aspects of your business.
  • Avoid publishing content that is inappropriate, irrelevant or spam related. 
  • Expert team available 7 days a week to carefully monitor your account's content, and alert you if anything comes up that needs your attention.


Feel free to reach out to support via Live Chat or via email: support@trustspot.io if you have any questions on this feature. 

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