The Trust Pop-up Tab sits on the right side of your site. When customers click on it, it will pop out and show your most recent reviews. Prospective customers can see all of your reviews by scrolling down. You can show both your Company and Product Reviews here. 

You can find the Trust Pop-up Tab under:  Trust Elements > Trust Pop-up Tab

Note: Installing the Trust Pop-up Tab to your site requires access to your site's HTML. If you are not the web developer, forward this article to them for installation. While it's just a matter of copy & paste, you do need access to your site's HTML.


Customizing the design

From the settings area you'll be able to customize the following:

  • Star Color

  • Tab Text (ex: Reviews)

  • Tab Header Text (ex: See What Others Are Saying)

  • Enable the Product Titles to be links to the product page


How to add the Trust Pop-up Tab to your site

1. From the Trust Pop-up Tab page, click to Copy the Tab HTML code. 

2. Go to your site's HTML area and paste the copied code in any page where you'd like the tab to appear.

That's it, you're done! When customers visit your site, they'll now be able to easily see all of your latest reviews with 1 click. 


Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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