Social Proof is an incredible way to drive new customers to your business. When a customer shares their experience on social media, it becomes a great marketing channel for your business. Now their friends & family can read about the experience and click through to make a purchase with your business. 

At TrustSpot, we support the 3 largest social media platforms: 

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

Sharing a Review

There are 2 areas in TrustSpot to allow you to click & share a customer review:

From:  Company Reviews > Published
From:  Product Reviews > Moderation

Below each review you will see a button called "Share". When you hover over this button, it will show 3 social media icons below it. 

Simply click the one you like to start the process of sharing that review. In this example, the Facebook Share button was selected: 

Within the preview you can see the following: 

  • Where the share will be posted (currently says:  Share on Your Timeline), but you can select your Business Timeline as well. 

  • Customer's Photo that was uploaded for this review

  • # of Stars for the Review

  • Customer's Name

  • Customer's Review Text

You can enter in your own text at the very top where it says "Say something about this..." 

Once you're happy, click "Post to Facebook" and you're done! 

Photo Note: If you're currently collecting photos with your reviews, than the first one will be shared on Social Media. 

If you're not collecting photos with reviews, than the following will occur when you share:

  • Company Reviews:   Your logo will be shown in the middle

  • Product Reviews: The product image will be shown in the middle 


We also support an Instagram Curation feature where you can discover photos from your customers and post them on your site. To learn more click here

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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