Lootly, a TrustSpot company, is an incentive marketing platform helping eCommerce brands grow their revenue & customer happiness through a Loyalty & Rewards program.

While other platforms are plagued by limitations and lack of features, we built Lootly to be an easy to use solution for any business size. Lootly was officially announced on April 1, 2019. You can learn more about Lootly from here

Loyalty Programs

Lootly focuses on 3 main areas to help your business grow: 

  1. Points & Rewards 
  2. Referrals
  3. VIP Tiers

You can mix the type of programs you would like to enable or disable over time. For example, you can have a Points & Rewards Program & a VIP Tier Program. Though we definitely recommend to have all 3 enabled to maximum the value of Lootly's platform. 

Ways to Earn Points

Customers can complete a variety of actions on your store to earn points. These points can in turn be redeemed for rewards to use on their next order, such as $ off or Free Shipping. 

Today, Lootly supports the following ways to earn points: 

  • Make a Purchase
  • Create an Account
  • Celebrate a Birthday
  • Goal Spend (spend X, get Y points)
  • Goal Orders (make X orders, get Y points)
  • Facebook Like
  • Facebook Share
  • Twitter Follow
  • Twitter Share
  • Instagram Follow
  • Read Content
  • TrustSpot Review (award points for writing a Product or Company review)


Every month at TrustSpot we release new features & Integrations, and we plan to keep that same monthly schedule with Lootly. Today we support the following integrations: 

a. eCommerce Platforms

  • Shopify / Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento 1

We have a BigCommerce app planned for August 2019, with a Magento 2 app planned for August 2019 as well. 

b. Marketing Platforms

  • TrustSpot
  • Zapier

c. Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Pricing & TrustSpot Discount

We built Lootly to be an affordable solution for stores looking to grow, without limits on the # of orders or # of customers you have. In fact, all of our plans are Unlimited in terms of volume. 

Lootly has 4 Plans:

  • Free Plan
  • $49 Growth Plan
  • $249 Ultimate Plan
  • $599 Enterprise Plan

Existing customers of TrustSpot save 30% off any Lootly plan price, simply by bundling both solutions together. Discounts are applied during the 1st month and are active for the lifetime of your subscription. 

Request a Demo to learn more

To learn more about everything Lootly can offer your business, we recommend to request a demo by clicking here

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