The Experience Survey system is a collection of features, that allows you to better capture customer experiences, and display those responses on your website or keep internally. 

This system is 100% customizable and does not require a star rating to be added, which means you can create an experience survey for virtually any reason - allowing you to launch new campaigns like never before. 

The Experience Survey feature set is available as an add-on starting on our Startup Plan and included on the Enterprise Plan

Common reasons to use Experience Surveys

With the survey tool, the possibilities are endless on how you engage with your customers. Here are some great examples of how experience surveys can help your business:

  • Allow site visitors to share their experience directly on your site.

  • Ask customers to provide feedback on your products or services.

  • Launch a visual contest where Photos & Videos are required to submit.

  • Improve customer service by sending a follow up survey.

  • Capture feedback after an event.

  • Identify customer loyalty with Net Promoter Score®

  • and much more!

Question Types

The experience survey system is comprised of 11 question types, each allowing you to collect different types of content. Each question type can be private and be required / optional, allowing you to give customers better flexibility. 

Today, we support the following questions: 

  • Description Page

  • Star Rating

  • Visual Upload

  • Single Choice

  • Multiple Choice

  • Map Location

  • Free Text

  • Slider

  • Net Promoter Score®

  • Customer Info

  • Product Select

Learn more about Experience Surveys

Due to the size of the Experience Survey system, we encourage you to read the following guides to understand how it works, so you can start launching surveys today. 

  • Creating an Experience Survey

  • Question Types

  • Design Customization

  • Net Promoter Score®

  • Visual Moderation & Tags

  • Advanced Filtering for the Gallery

  • Tag Management 

Have a question about the Experience Survey system? 

Please contact our support team via the Live Chat icon on the bottom right.

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