This guide is meant to walk you through how to connect TrustSpot to your site or store, in order to automate the review collection process.


There are many ways to connect TrustSpot to your site, as we support numerous types of sites including both Company and Product Reviews. This is a listing of all the methods we support to help you collect reviews:

Company Reviews Only  (great for service based sites)
You can click on any of the methods below to be taken to our support guide.

Product Reviews Only  (eCommerce / Subscription sites)
You can click on any of the methods below to be taken to our support guide.

If you're using an eCommerce site but only want to collect company reviews, you can still use our eCommerce plugins. Just be sure to set your request ratio to 100% (Product Reviews > Automatic Email Settings). 


Verifying the integration is connected

Once you've connected TrustSpot to your site, the next step is to verify everything is working correctly. When a new order is placed or a new request is sent to our system, it will appear within the Pending Requests area: 

If you see the request there, great! This means your site is successfully connected to TrustSpot and is properly transmitting the information to our system. 

If you do not see the request, don't panic! It might be something as simple as the wrong credentials in the settings area or maybe something is setup incorrectly. Please verify that everything is entered per the instructions. If you're still having issues, contact our team so we can help you. 


Have a question or need support on connecting your site? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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