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Coupons are a great way to encourage customers to come back to your site and make additional purchases or better engage with your content. With TrustSpot, not only can you create coupons for writing reviews, but you can also reward customers for specific engagement events on your store. 

Once a customer completes the coupon action, you can select to reward them immediately via email, or set a delayed time before the code is sent to them. 

There are 2 types of coupons: 

  • Static
  • Dynamic

Accessing Coupons

  1. Login to your TrustSpot account
  2. Click on the Marketing Tab
  3. Click on Coupons


Create a Coupon

Once you've entered the Coupon area, you are presented with 3 steps, each one will be detailed below. 

Step 1: Type of Coupon Engagement

The 1st step is to select the type of action that customers will need to complete in order to be rewarded with a coupon, there are a few examples:

  • Write a review
  • View profile page
  • Write a review & Upload a photo
  • Write a review & share on social media
  • Answer a Question

It can be beneficial to your store to offer different valued coupons based on the action being completed, instead of a blanket coupon for everything. For example, you could offer 10% off your next purchase for writing a review, but 15% off if they upload a photo as well. 

Photos are a valuable content marketing item, and can help your business - specifically with social sharing. By offering a higher reward, you're further encouraging customers to engage with your company. 

Once you've selected an event, enter the description. The description will be visible in the coupon email, for example "10% off your next order" 


Step 2: Type of Coupon

The 2nd step is to select the type of coupon code you'd like to use for this new coupon. You can select between: 

  • Static:  This means every customer will receive the same coupon code
  • Dynamic:  This means every customer will receive a unique coupon code, based on the CSV file you upload. 

With Dynamic, you can also select to enable reminder emails when your codes are running low. We highly recommend you enable this feature. 

Step 3: Set an optional expiration

The 3rd step and final step, is to select an expiration date for this coupon. You can either select an expiration date from the date area, or select no expiration. 

Note:  If you select an expiration date, these are fixed dates, not rolling. 


View Existing Coupons

To see a record of all coupons you created in the past, click on the "Existing Coupons" tab at the very top. 

Within Existing Coupons, there are a few options:

  1. View Sent Codes - this is for dynamic codes only
  2. Delete


Enable your thank you email to send your coupons

Now that you have a great new coupon created, the next thing is to ensure your thank you email is enabled. The thank you email is sent automatically to the customer after they complete an coupon event (minus viewing profile page).

Go to:  Marketing > Thank you email 

From here you can customize the subject line, body text and other options. You can enable the thank you email to only be sent to customer's who leave you X number of stars and higher. 


Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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