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Let's connect TrustSpot to your e-commerce site so you can instantly begin collecting reviews. It's really quick, I promise. You should already have signed up for a TrustSpot account by this point.

The way TrustSpot works is, we connect directly to your store's software. Whenever an order comes in, we will send your customer a review request email shortly after (the delay between order and review email is customizable by you!). Anyone can setup TrustSpot in less than 5 minutes.. no coding, no nonsense.

Step 1: Answer this question: What cart software do you use?

I use Magento:

Awesome! We have a Magento plugin. Click This And Follow The Steps

I use Shopify:

Perfect! We have a Shopify app: Click Here To Install It

I use Woocommerce:

Great! We a Woocommerce plugin: Click This And Follow The Steps

I use a different system than above:

No worries! Click This And Follow The Steps

IF AT ANY POINT YOU ARE LOST OR NEED HELP - Click the "Click Here For Help" at the bottom right of this page and send us a message. We will get right back to you will all the guidance and assistance you need!

Once you follow one of the above paths, congrats! You did it! Reviews should now start flowing in as your orders come in. If you want to change the delay in which review requests get sent, check out the automatic email settings page here. We recommend 7 days. You can also edit the text format of the review email. You can even send a test email which will go to yourself so you can see exactly what your customers are getting.

Looking for what's next? If you already integrated TrustSpot, consider inviting some of your old/existing customers to leave a review for you. Check out the Invite Customers screen.

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