IMPORTANT: TrustSpot defaults product reviews to be disabled. You must set your product review to company review ratio before review requests will be sent.

How do product reviews work?

Product reviews work just like company level reviews, except they are bound to a specific product. Just like like company reviews, TrustSpot will email the customer to leave a review, but in this case it will ask about a specific product. You can customize this email content however you'd like. Users can leave their review directly inside the email. Product reviews are collected and displayed on your site in 2 ways: inline stars and in a trust widget on individual product pages.

Can I collect both product and company reviews?

Yes! You can collect both at once, which most stores do. All you have to do is set your ratio which will control the percentage of requests that will be for products versus company. Be aware that company reviews have their own settings and own email customization, you can edit it under Company Reviews -> Automatic Email

How do I collect product reviews?

To collect product reviews, you must install our plugin onto your cart system. We're continually adding new cart support, but our current list includes: 

  • Magento 1.0
  • Magento 2.0
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Opencart

Once you install the plugin, all you need to do is add a few settings and you will be ready to go. Plugin installation instructions depend on the cart, so please check out those articles for details. After installed and connected to TrustSpot, your orders will begin triggering review requests immediately, so let's make sure our emails and other settings are setup.

*** Configure general product review settings ***

Let's setup some general configuration for product reviews as a whole. In TrustSpot, navigate to Product Reviews -> Settings

#1) Review Moderation

This tab controls how new reviews are published. You can set it to autopublish reviews based on star rating. If the checkbox is disabled, every review will have to be manually approved by you. Reviews pending moderation appear under Product Reviews -> Review Moderation until approved.

#2) Product Q&A

If you have product Q&A enabled, it's settings will appear here. Product Q&A allows customers to ask and answer questions about products directly within the review widget on product pages. When questions/answers are submitted, the user is sent a verification email. Only email verified questions/answers make it through to avoid spam.

You can set some general publish settings here, as well as customize the emails that questions/answers send out.

#3) Review Widget

The review widget is the cornerstone of the product review system on your site; it's where most users will read you reviews in depth, as well as ask questions if Q&A is enabled. The widget appears at the bottom of individual product pages. The settings tab allows you to customize how the widget looks and operates. You can set the colors, star design, and even default sort order and # of reviews per page. If you check the box for company reviews, the widget will also display your company reviews in a tab within the widget

#4) Automatic Email

This tab allows you to modify additional automatic email settings such as the reply to and sender name for email headers.

The most important setting on this page is the slider: This controls the ratio of company reviews to product review emails that your customers will receive.

  • If set to 0%, product review collection will be disabled. Only company review requests will be sent.
  • If set to 100%, company review collection will be disabled. Only product review requests will be sent.

Most customers prefer a ratio of around 70%, meaning 70% product reviews / 30% company reviews.

Note: TrustSpot defaults this setting to 0%, so product reviews will not send until your ratio is set.

#5) Custom Photos

Checking this box will allow the collection of product photos that link to reviews. If checked, after a review is submitted the user is forwarded to an additional screen where they can upload photos of the product. These photos will appear in your review widget.

*** Configure TrustSpot review request emails ***

Let's customize our emails now. Login to TrustSpot and navigate to Product Reviews -> Automatic Email

#1) Configure your email text

This is where you configure the email content. Feel free to change the wording of the email subject line, body, and footer. If you use the keyword {product} the system will replace that with the actual product name.

#2) Send a test email

It's good to see what the email will look like. Give it a test and see if you like your wording and formatting.

#3) Configure your email delay

TrustSpot works on a delayed system to make sure your customers get to try the product before reviewing it. You can set your delay here. The delay countdown will normally begin from the time the order is marked as fulfilled, but this will depend on your specific cart's setting. For example, with Shopify, the countdown starts when the order is marked as fulfilled, so if the delay is set to 14 days, the email will send 14 days after the order was fulfilled.

#4) Set your product purchase settings

Scroll down to the area labeled "Multiple Products Purchase Setting." These settings control how the system will behave given multiple products per order.

  • Max number of emails will control how many reviews will be requested per order. If your setting is 2 and someone orders 10 items, they will only be emailed to review 2 items. It's good to keep this low to avoid customers feeling like they are being spammed
  • Interval between each email will control the delay between said emails. If max emails is 2 and interval is 3 days, the first email will happen after your core email delay for the first product, then 3 days after that another email will send to review the 2nd product.
  • Prioritize reviews will control how products are selected. If someone orders 10 different products and your max email setting is 2: The system needs to know how to pick 2 out of the 10 to request reviews for. You can set it to prioritize by price, or to ask for the product will the least existing reviews, or just make it random.
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