Badges are guaranteed to increase your on-site conversion rate. They are incredibly easy to install... it's just a matter of copy & paste.

Note: This installation requires access to your site's code. If you are not the web developer, forward this article to them for installation. While it's just a matter of copy & paste, you do need access to your store's HTML.

  1. Select the location on your site where you want the badge. Take note of the size of the div. Usually a badge goes in something like a footer, so make sure the specific badge style you select will fit properly in terms of width and height.
  2. Navigate here to select the type of badge you want to use. There are multiple types, so pick the one that best fits the style and size of the area.
  3. Under the badge type you want, select the code snippet and copy it
  4. Go to your site's HTML and paste the code in the div you wish the widget to show.

That's it, you're done! The badge will automatically update to show your most recent review scores.

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