Review responses are a great way to thank customers for good reviews, or to reach out to potentially disgruntled customers and resolve any issues they may have had. Either way, your company will come off as incredibly professional and good-willed.

1. Navigate to your Published Reviews Page

2. Locate the review you want to respond to. You can use the search feature in the top left of the table to help locate the review.

3. Click the Respond button (middle button)

4. Enter your response to the review and click the "Submit Response" button

That's it! Your response will appear under the review on your public profile page for all to see. Remember to keep responses courteous and professional.

Note:  When you respond to a customer they also receive an email from you with your response. Within the email there is a Link, that the customer can click in order to update their entire review + star rating. This gives you a great way to redeem a possibly bad situation with a customer. 

The respond to reviews feature is available on our Premium Plan.

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