The invite customers page allows businesses to jumpstart their review collection by asking old customers for reviews.

Since the regular TrustSpot automatic review collection system only requests reviews for new customers, we allow a way to harness your old an loyal ones by inviting them directly to leave a review.

It works like this:

  1. Create a comma separated csv file using Excel or any text editor (make sure the encoding is UTF-8) containing 2 columns: Customer Name + Customer Email
  2. Navigate to This Screen
  3. Upload your file to TrustSpot
  4. (Optional) Customize the review request email. The email content differs from the regular automatic emails because customers need to be addressed in the past.
  5. Wait for acceptance. TrustSpot will manually review for CSV to make sure it is valid, then either accept or deny it.
  6. If accepted, TrustSpot will send review requests to the customers listed in the uploaded file

This bulk invite feature is a great way to get a lot of reviews fast using your old customers.

Note that, CSV uploaded review invites use a different credit system: Kickstarter credits. The larger the plan, the more are kickstarter credits provided. Kickstarter credits do not replenish monthly, but rather are single use. If you would like more credits, consider upgrading your plan. Feel free to email us for more information

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