Direct email is an easy way to push customer data to TrustSpot. It consists of sending us an email with 3 tagged fields. Follow the steps below to get it setup.

#1: Find Your Custom Email Address

Find your unique TrustSpot email address. It's located under Integrations -> BCC. It will end in

This is the email address you need to send your data to.

#2: Add The Tags

In your CRM or cart system (whatever is sending the emails), paste the following into the bottom of the email:


[name]John Smith[/name]



Your system needs to replace the values between the tags (John Smith,, 123) with the actual customer data.

After those 2 steps: You should be all set. As long as your system is sending emails to your unique BCC address with that data structure, we should be receiving the data to email customers review requests. You can view pending requests in TrustSpot by navigating to Reviews -> Pending Requests

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