To install on WooCommerce, simply install the plugin through Wordpress

How To Install TrustSpot On WooCommerce

  1. Navigate to the WooCommerce plugin page on TrustSpot here:
  2. Click the "Install TrustSpot On WooCommerce" button. This will bring you to the plugin page.
  3. Install the TrustSpot plugin on your Wordpress site
  4. Once installed, you need to connect it to your TrustSpot account. Login to your Wordpress admin panel. On the left, click the TrustSpot icon
  5. Enter your email address associated with your TrustSpot account (the one you log into TrustSpot with)
  6. Navigate back here in a different tab. Copy your API key from the bottom, and paste it into the Wordpress settings. Do the same for the secret key. You will need to copy both the API and secret key into the fields within your WooCommerce store.
  7. Once the email, API, and secret key are entered, hit the verify settings. If the settings are correct, your account is now connected. If not, make sure you copied the email, API, and secret keys correctly into the proper fields and try to verify again.
  8. You can configure the order status dropdown depending on when you want to send your email review requests. This will control the stage in which your customers are sent a review request. For example, if set to Shipped, TrustSpot will send a review request email after the order ships. This is assuming your TrustSpot email delay is set to 0, if it is longer, the delay will begin after the order status occurs.

You're done! TrustSpot will automatically request reviews from your customers

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