BCC email is perfect for companies that don't use one of our supported cart systems.

What is BCC?

BCC is an email term that stands for blind carbon copy. It is similar to the "CC" (carbon copy) field in emails, except with BCC the main receipient does not see who is being CC'd. That means that when you BCC TrustSpot, your customers will not see it in their email headers.

How BCC Email Integration Works

To setup TrustSpot automatic review collection, simply BCC us on your order confirmation emails. That way, whenever your customer gets an email confirming their order, we get an identical email where we can pull the data necessary to send them a review request. (Customer email). Every major cart, payment, and CMS system that sends order confirmations should have an option to BCC an additional email address.

After setup, your customers will be emailed after purchases to leave reviews for you.

How To Setup BCC Email With TrustSpot

  1. Navigate to the BCC screen here
  2. From your store or website, find out the "from" email address in which your order confirmation emails get sent from. In other words, when a customer gets your confirmation emails, who is the "sender" email address.
  3. Enter your "from" email address in the field labeled Step 1
  4. Click the save button
  5. Copy the BCC email address listed in Step 2
  6. Paste this BCC email address into the BCC field of your store or website's confirmation page email settings. You want your store or website to email all order confirmations to this address
  7. You're done! Once TrustSpot starts receiving your BCC emails, we will send review requests to your customers automatically.
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