CAUTION: Magento 2.0 made  installing plugins somewhat difficult compared to Magento 1. You will need server access, and the process may bring down your site temporarily. Be sure to enable a maintenance mode if installing on a live site before attempting installation.

Step 1:

Extract the extension contents to magento/app. The "code" folder should end up inside of app. Be sure that you upload the files when logged in as Magento user, otherwise you will have to change the file permissions so that Magento is the owner.

Step 2:

SSH onto your server. Navigate to your /magento folder and run the following command to run the update:

php bin/magento setup:upgrade

(OPTIONAL) If the upgrade process tells you to recompile, you can do so by running this command: php bin/magento setup:di:compile

Step 3:

The plugin should be installed. You now need to configure it. Login to your Magento admin panel and navigate to Stores->Configuration, then click the TRUSTSPOT tab and click Settings

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