Our February 2018 release includes our updated coupons screen with the ability to set either a static or dynamic coupon for your customers. 

To access the coupons area, click on:  Marketing > Coupons

Now that you're on the coupons screen there are a few steps to go through before your coupon can be added to TrustSpot.

Step 1: Create and customize your coupon

This area asks you what type of action do you want the user to complete in order to trigger a coupon to be sent to them. For this example, let's select "Writing a review". 

Next enter in the description of the coupon. This description is shown to the customer within your coupon email once they complete the action. 

For this example, let's say "Get 25% off your next order!"

Step 2: Create or import coupon codes

There are 2 types of coupons that we offer at TrustSpot

  1. Static coupon code - this means that every customer will receive the same coupon code. 
  2. Dynamic coupon code - this means you will upload a list of unique coupon codes. When a customer writes a review for your company, they will receive a unique coupon code (no other customer will receive this code). 

If you'd like to create a static coupon code, just enter in the coupon code , example "save25%". You will need to create the coupon code on your platform first before adding it into TrustSpot. 

If you'd like to create a dynamic coupon, you will need to upload a CSV document with all of the unique codes. The document should be a single column with no column header. 

In addition for Dynamic coupons, you have the option of TrustSpot automatically emailing you once your code quantity becomes low. This is helpful so you're aware when you need to go in and add more codes, to ensure customers receive one when completing a review. 

Step 3: Choose the expiration date of your coupons

The final step is to specify whether or not this coupon has an expiration date. You can either select a date that they will expire on OR select no expiration. 

Lastly click "Create Coupon" , and you're done! 

Existing Coupons

To see a record of all coupons you created in the past, click on the "Existing Coupons" tab at the very top. 

Within Existing Coupons, there are a few options:

  1. View Sent Codes - this is for dynamic codes only
  2. Delete

Enable your thank you email for your coupon

Now that you have a great new coupon created, the next thing is to ensure your thank you email is enabled. The thank you email is sent automatically to the customer after they leave a review. 

Go to:  Marketing > Thank you email 

From here you can customize the subject line, body text and other options. You can enable the thank you email to only be sent to customer's who leave you X number of stars and higher. 

If you have any questions over this feature or would like to learn more about what we can offer for your business, simply click the "Live Chat" button on the bottom right, or email us directly = support@trustspot.io 

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