By utilizing this feature you can display your TrustSpot product reviews inside your Google Shopping ads, typically referred to as "PSLAs". 

In order to have your reviews displayed in Google Shopping, you will need to meet the following requirements: 

  1. Have at least 50 product reviews 

  2. A product must have at least 3 reviews for star ratings to show on Google Shopping. 

  3. Complete product information (titles, prices, links, SKUs/IDs). The Product SKU is the minimum required, but we highly recommend to add the MPN or GTIN number as well to increase the likelihood of approval. 

  4. Be approved via the manual application process by the Google Shopping Team

Note: Please be aware that Google requires us send them every review you've collected from us. This prevents users trying to "game the system" by only pushing 5 star reviews into Google. 

Also, sometimes a product reviews feed is not approved by Google because the review text is to general and not a proper review of the product. For example "fast shipping" is not a good indicator of a product review, versus something like "This blue shirt was very comfortable, and the sizing was perfect. Great shirt to wear to the beach or any outdoors activity". 

If you run into this issue, you can click on:

  • Flag > Google Shopping    (this will prevent a low quality text review from being pushed into the Shopping Feed and potentially causing the feed to be rejected). 

Getting your reviews into Google Shopping can take time, so please be aware of this before you apply to the program. Google also does not provide an ETA of when the approval process will occur, but from our early testing it can take at minimum 3 - 4 weeks. 

Step 1: Generate Shopping Feed
Within your TrustSpot account click on: 

  • Marketing > Google Shopping Feed

This is the full reviews feed that you will need to submit into Google. 

Step 2: Create a Google Merchant Center Account
A Google Merchant Account is required to add in your XML feed from TrustSpot and have those reviews show in your PLAs. 

If you currently do not have an account setup, please click here to create one. 

Once inside your Google Merchant Center Account, click on the "Product Reviews" tab on the far left, and than continue to Step 4. If you do not have this tab on your account proceed to Step 3. 

Step 3: Request a Product Reviews feed
If your account currently does not have the Product Reviews tab, you will need to manually apply to Google by following this link

Once on the page under the drop down "If yes, do you collect and manage them or use a third-party service?" click on "We use a reviews aggregator"

Next under the drop down "If you use a third party service, which service do you use?", click on "Other". 

Within the "Other - please specify" text field enter in the text: 

Next you will need to provide Google with the amount of all of your 1 to 5 star ratings that you have collected. You can find this information from the Product Reviews > Moderation > Published area (using filters to only show X star rating is helpful as well).

Pre-approval Email

After requesting the reviews feed, Google may reply with the feedback that you received above. However our lack of pre-approval has no impact on your ability to submit your Shopping XML feed.

Simply tell your Google Shopping representative that you will submit the feed directly in Google Merchant Center. Once they receive your message, they will open up a Product Review section in your Merchant Center and allow you to submit the feed. 

Our other clients are able to achieve stars in Google Shopping via this method, without issue. 

Step 4: Submit the TrustSpot Product Feed XML in Google Merchant Center
Now that you have the Product Reviews tab added to your account, you can now add your TrustSpot XML feed to your account. 

Click on "Product Reviews" on the left tab, and than click the " + " button to create a new feed. Once the settings come up, enter in the following information: 

Mode:  Standard
Type:  Product Reviews
Feed Name:
Input method:  Scheduled Fetches

File Name:  TrustSpot
Fetch Frequency:  Daily
Fetch time:  12:00 AM
File URL:  (will be unique that our team will create for you) 

Lastly click on "Save" to complete the process, and you should be all set!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team either via the "Live Chat" icon on our website, or via email us at = 

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