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Discover how to display your product reviews in a carousel
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The Product Reviews Carousel is available starting on our Growth Plan.


The Product Reviews Carousel is a great way to show off your happy customer reviews directly on key converting pages, such as the homepage or checkout. 

The Carousel itself is highly customizable, so you can make sure the wording and colors match the branding of your site. 

Accessing the Product Review Carousel

  1. Login to your TrustSpot account

  2. Click on Settings in the left menu

  3. Select Trust Elements>Product Review Carousel

Configuring the Product Review Carousel

Within the feature page, there are 2 tabs worth of content (Settings, and Design)

Settings Tab - Content

The first section gives you control over what reviews are displayed on your carousel. Within the Review Logic drop down you have two choices: 

  • Most Recent:  Your latest reviews are automatically pulled into the Carousel.

  • Manual:  You can search and pick the exact reviews to display on the Carousel. This is a great option if there's a specific review that you want to display front and center to your customers. 

Settings Tab - Layout

The next section gives you control over how users should interact with your carousel. There are a few options:

  • Display the total number of reviews and average rating  (top right)

  • Auto slide speed:  Set the slider to automatically move for you, without the user having to click the arrow buttons. 

  • Display link to reviews page:   At the top of the carousel you can specify a link for visitors to visit to see all of your reviews. For example: You can have it link to your TrustSpot profile page, or your Reviews Page on your own website. 

Design Tab - Title

This area allows you to customize the text on top of the Carousel, such as the title "Authentic Reviews From Real Customers", and the link text (if display link to reviews page is enabled). 

Design Tab - Colors

Lastly, you can customize some of the colors on the carousel to better match the branding of your site.

  • Star Color:  We recommend using the same color as your emails for consistency. 

  • Title Color:  This controls the color of the header title and customer names.

  • Paragraph Color:  This controls the color of the review text, dates, and product titles.

  • Link Color: This controls the color of the "See All Reviews" link. 

Displaying the Product Review Carousel

Once you complete the design of your Carousel, simply click "Save Settings". 

You will now see a piece of code at the bottom area "Product Carousel Code". Now copy & paste this onto your website, where you'd like the carousel to appear. 

Note:  You will need to ensure you have our Core Javascript Library already added to your website. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

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