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Learn how to invite other employees to access your TrustSpot account

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The Employee Access feature is available starting on our Premium Plan.


The Employee Access tool is a great way to invite others to access your TrustSpot account with limited access. This way you can ensure employees only have access to moderation based pages, while your admins have access to all pages within the account. 

Accessing the Employee Access area

  1. Login to your TrustSpot account

  2. Click on the top right, than click on Account Settings

  3. Within Accounts, click on the Employee Access tab

Invite others to access your account

The top area will allow you to invite employees to access your TrustSpot account. Simply enter in their: 

  • Name

  • Company Email

  • Permissions Type

For Permissions Type, you can either pick:

  • Moderator:  Only has access to your reviews, Q&A and photos area

  • Admin:  Access to every screen

Once you select your options, click on "Send Invite". Your invited user should receive their email within a minute. The email will contain a generated password to login to TrustSpot.

Moderating existing users

All invited users are displayed towards the bottom, within the Invited Employees area. From here you can easily see who has access to your account, their permissions, and whether or not they have accepted your invite. 

To edit an user, click on Actions > Edit  , which will launch an overlay with options to edit their name and permissions type.

To delete an user, click on Actions > Delete , which will remove the user from having access to your account.

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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