The Product Blacklist feature is available starting on our Growth Plan.


Similar to our Email Blacklist feature, we also have a feature to prevent particular products from receiving review requests. Sometimes you may not want to generate reviews for a particular product, and we understand that. 

Common situations where this maybe useful: 

* Free Product
* Out of Stock Product
* Pre-Orders
* Custom Built (outside normal delivery cycle for other items)

Accessing the Product Blacklist

  1. Login to your TrustSpot account

  2. Click on the Product Reviews Tab

  3. Click on Products

  4. Click on Actions > Edit Product, than scroll down to the Product Blacklist area. 

  5. Click the checkbox, than select Save

What does it mean to Blacklist a product?

When you blacklist a product, the following occurs: 

* Review request emails are not sent for that blacklisted product.
* Product pages for those blacklisted products will not display the review widget.
* Blacklisted products are not displayed in Featured Products, Google Shopping Feed, or Social Sharing.
* Blacklisted products cannot be selected for the Product Review Carousel, or tagged with our Instagram Curation feature.

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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