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Learn how to send emails from your own domain

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Custom Sender Domain allows you to send all emails from TrustSpot using your own From Email, as opposed to using the TrustSpot From Email. 

Currently, you have the ability to edit:

  • From Name    (ex:  TrustGlasses)

  • Reply Email    (ex:  support@trustglasses)

This feature introduces the ability to set a From Email   (ex:

Note:   This feature requires technical knowledge of your Domain's DNS, if you're not comfortable setting this up - please ask your site administrator and use this resource from Postmark to set up DKIM and Return-Path.

Accessing Custom Sender Domain

  • Go to Account Settings by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard

  • You are now on the General Settings tab

  • You will see a new setting for "From Email" 

  • Enter your From Email, then click "Setup"

Note: You MUST complete the Setup process before you can start sending from your own domain name. 

Custom DNS Changes

Once you click the "Setup" button, you will be shown an overlay with the following information: 

  • DKIM Hostname & Value 

  • Return-Path Hostname & Value

After you've copied down the values, click Finish.

You will need to apply these updates to your domain's DNS in order to complete the process. DNS propagation time may take a few hours to complete, and in some rare cases up to 24 hours. 

Once DNS propagation is finished, your email settings will automatically update to start sending with the new From Email. You can see the status at any time by going to the Email Settings area. 

Have a question or need support on this feature? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or

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