This guide is to help you configure your automatic review request email settings. We give you the ability to automatically send a request for Company Reviews, Product Reviews, and Experience Surveys after your customers make a purchase.


Automatic review requests are post-purchase emails that help you collect Company Reviews, Product Reviews, and Experience Surveys. The emails are synced with your store orders and triggered according to your settings.

Getting Started:

Settings for Product Reviews and the Review Request ratio for Company and Product Reviews can be found on the Automatic Email Settings page under Product Reviews. The Review Request ratio will allow you to send:

  • Company Reviews

  • Product Reviews

  • A combination of Company and Product Reviews

  • Both Company and Product Reviews (recommended)

  • Experience Surveys (available on our Enterprise Plan)

We also give you the ability to set up automatic follow-up requests with Smart Reminders.

Automatic Company Review Requests

Settings and email templates for Automatic Company Review Requests can be found in the Company Reviews tab under Settings. On the Email Campaign Editor page you can configure:

  • Send delay (email requests get sent after the number of days selected when an order is completed)

  • Email Customization (view our Email Best Practices guide here)

  • Email Settings

  • Design

  • Send a test email

  • Smart reminders

  • Email Blacklist

  • Customize content settings (Other Settings)

Email Customization:

At the top of your email body, you will notice a toolbar that can be used to edit the rich text using a series of buttons. Rich text editing tools include:

  • Style

  • Bold

  • Underline

  • Remove Font Style

  • Color Selector (background and text)

  • Ordered List

  • Unordered List

  • Link Insert

  • Picture Insert

Automatic Product Review Requests

Settings for automatic Product Review requests can be found in the Product Reviews tab under Automatic Email Settings. The core settings are the same as automatic Company Review Requests.

Product Review Automatic Email Settings include additional settings in the Multiple Products tab and Other Settings tab.

Review Request Ratio

The Review Request Ratio is found only in Product Reviews under Automatic Email Settings.

Select the box to send Both Company and Product Reviews (recommended) if you would like to send both for every order. You can stagger the send times for Company and Product Review Requests by adjusting the send delay in each system.

To send only one type of review request for every order use our Ratio Slider. Using the ratio slider allows you to dictate how many of your total orders pass into either Company or Product Reviews. For example, with a 50%/50% ratio, you will split your orders evenly between the two systems. Or, if you'd like to send only Company Review requests or only Product Review requests, simply set the slider to 100% on your desired side.

Sending a combination of Company and Product Review Requests through either the "both" setting or using our Ratio slider will allow you to experiment with the type of requests that capture the best content for your needs.

Multiple Products

Customize how your review requests send if multiple products exist within the same order. You can configure the following settings from the Multiple Products tab:

  • Maximum number of email requests per order

  • The interval between each email

  • Review priority. Select from three options: Random, Most Expensive, Least Reviewed

Other Settings

Within the Other Settings tab, select how customer content should be handled during the review process. The following options can be enabled:

  • Allow customers to submit photos with their reviews

  • Allow customers to submit videos with their reviews

  • Display customer’s first name in emails (instead of First & Last Name)

Email Blacklist

Your "unsubscribed" list of email addresses can be found within the Email Blacklist tab. More information can be found here.

Experience Survey Email Settings

To access your automatic email settings for our Experience Survey System, Click the ES button on the left menu and go to your Collectors. Select "edit" next to the collector to access your email settings. For more information on collector "triggers" for emails, click here.

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