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The Email Blacklist allows you to block customers from receiving future review requests from you and surfaces customers who unsubscribe.

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The Email Blacklist tool allows you to block emails from receiving any future review requests and review customers who have unsubscribed using the footer link in emails.

The Email Blacklist can be found in Product Reviews by clicking Email Campaign Editor>Campaign Settings>Email Blacklist. The Email Blacklist applies to all sends, no matter the type, but can be found under both menu options. Export the blacklist to a CSV file at any time by using the green "Export" button.

The table will surface your customer's email and date added, along with a Reason code. "Unsubscribe" indicates the customer used a footer link to unsubscribe from TrustSpot emails. "Manual Add" indicates the email was added by an account user within TrustSpot. "Inactive Recipient" indicates the email address is undeliverable or hard-bounced.

You can remove any customers from the blacklist using the Action Button, although we recommend only removing Manual Add emails, never Unsubscribe emails.

Emails or entire domains can be added to the blacklist by using the Add New button. Domains can be blocked here and individual emails can be blocked by both single entry and by uploading a CSV file (1 email per row, each file has a limit of 1,000 rows).

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