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Video Reviews is part of our Ultimate Plan. Please click here to view our current plans and associated pricing. 


Collecting visual content enables potential buyers to see customers showcasing your products and brand. With TrustSpot, we help you collect both Photos and Videos. In this support guide, we will be going over how to setup our Video collection feature. 


Get started collecting Videos with Reviews

To enable the Video Review feature, go to: 

  • Company or Product Reviews 

  • Click "Automatic Email Settings", than select "Other Settings" 

  • Scroll down and click to enable the checkbox "Allow customers to upload videos alongside their review." 

Once this is enabled, the upload page will now automatically update to support language around sharing a Photo or a Video (depending on your settings). 


Moderating Video Content

Similar to photos, when a new video comes in for a review we will first send you an email notification to alert you of the content. Next, you will need to visit the Moderation screen and review the video by clicking the Play button. 

If you're happy with the video click the Publish button, if not keep it unpublished. 


Rewarding Customers with a Video Coupon

Today we allow customers to be rewarded for completing various actions including: 

  • Writing a Review

  • Uploading a Photo

  • Answering a Product Question

  • Sharing the review on Social Media 

Now, you can reward the customer for Uploading a Video as well. Simply visit the Coupons Page, and select "Writing a review & uploading a video". Next, be sure to customize the coupon email for this event by going to:  Marketing > Thank you email. 


Display Video Content

We upgraded our Carousel & Gallery to fully support Videos alongside Photos & Instagram content. Simply visit either of these pages by going to: 

  • Trust Elements > Carousel

  • Trust Elements > Gallery 

Than select the "Show Review Videos" checkbox to pull in Video content that is published. Now be sure to copy & paste the updated code into your page and you're all done! 

When customers click on the play button, they will be shown the standard overlay but now with the video playing on the left. Customers can make the video full screen / pause and play at any point in time. 


Have a question or need support on getting started with Video Reviews? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or at

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