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Send push notifications to customers for pending emails

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PushOwl is a Web Notification service that alerts customers with important reminders about their store activities with your brand. With TrustSpot, customers are notified when they have a pending review request to collect their feedback. 


Supported Actions

  • Pending Company Review Request

  • Pending Product Review Request


Get started with PushOwl

If you already have a PushOwl account, follow the steps below to connect your PushOwl account to TrustSpot. 

  • Within your PushOwl dashboard, copy the API Key from the "TrustSpot" section under the Integrations menu. 

  • Go to your TrustSpot account, and click on Integrations > PushOwl 

  • Enter in your PushOwl API Key

  • Enter in your Shopify Subdomain (ex:  myshop   from myshop.myshopify.com) 

  • Click Save Settings

Your account is now connected to PushOwl. 

If you're not using PushOwl, click here to sign up for an account to begin using their services. 


Customizing the PushOwl Notification

Within TrustSpot, we give you full control over the text appearance for both of the Company and Product Review notifications. To begin customizing these items, click on: Integrations > PushOwl from the left menu.

From here you can customize 4 main items: 

  • Company Request Title 

  • Company Request Description

  • Product Request Title

  • Product Request Description 

Example of a notification: 

In the above example, the: 

  • "You are subscribed" is the Request Title

  • "We will keep you posted with latest updates" is the Request Description 

  • "pavloshop.myshopify.com" is the website link 


Have a question or need support getting started with PushOwl? 

Please contact our support team from here.

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