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Display your most recent photos in a visual banner within your email

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This guide will walk you through how to setup & implement a visual banner for your emails. 

The Visual Email Banner element requires the Premium Plan or higher. 

What is an Visual Email Banner?

This visual trust element is a great way to show your most recent published photos in a dynamic banner - that updates automatically. For example, you could place the banner inside your review request to show examples of visual content to inspire customers to upload their own.

Customization Options

When you're creating a visual banner it's important to consider the sizing of the images and how many you actually want to display. 

  • For emails we recommend showing 3-4 images, with a size of 150x150. 

Within the settings screen, you have the capability to: 

  • Change the # of images to show (1-5) 

  • Change the size dimensions of the image. We recommend for these to be consistent, so the image is not distorted. 

Once you're happy with the changes, click "Save and Generate Code".  

Next, Copy & Paste the image link at the bottom into your emails, and you're done! 

Note:  Only Published Images are pulled into this display, and new ones are updated every 24 hours. 

Have a question about the Visual Email Banner?

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