The Tag Management screen is the best way to see at a glance everything in the system and make changes if needed. Today the Tag Management screen supports: 

  • Customer Service Tags

  • Visual Tags

  • Categories

The Tag Management screen is apart of the Experience Survey system, which is available starting on our Enterprise Plan

Getting started with Tag Management

With the introduction of several new tags in 2019, the Tag Management screen is the best way to see all of your tags & categories at a glance for easy changes. 

You can access this screen by going to: 

  • Experience Surveys > Tag Management 

The Tag Management screen, has 5 columns: 

  • Tag Type - Customer Service or Visual 

  • Category - If this tag belongs to a category, the name is shown here

  • Tag Name - The unique name you've given to this tag

  • Date Added

  • Actions (Edit / Delete). 

The next few sections will explore how to add tags, and how each area is used in the system today. 

Categories & Tags

There are two types of paradigms within the Tag Management screen that are important to learn about. 

  • Categories

  • Tags

Tags are the unique pieces of text you can add to a Review, Photo or Video, which is used for searching, filtering and for advanced display for the visual carousel & gallery. 

Categories are used to group similar tags together, but more importantly categories are used for advanced filtering options within your visual displays. 

How to Create a Category

To get started, click "Add Category" on the top right. 

  • Enter in the Category Name  (must be unique) 

  • Click Add

Now that the Category is added, you can assign existing tags to it by using Actions > Edit  OR by adding the category to a new tag by using the "Add Tag" feature. 


How to Create a Tag

Tags can be added in various screens such as Experience Moderation, Product Review Moderation or Visual Moderation. But for the purpose of this guide, we will explain how to create them within Tag Management. 

To get started, click "Add Tag" on the top right. 

  • Select the Tag Type

  • Select the Category (optional) 

  • Enter the Tag Name (must be unique) 

  • click Add

Using Categories & Tags with Visual Filters

Within your Visual Gallery settings, you have an option called "Enable Filters". This feature when enabled shows the category & visual tags associated with content living in your gallery. 

Example:    Let's say you tagged a few photos with the tag "Steak", because you want to build a custom visual gallery for your cooking website. All of your food tags, including "Steak" are associated with a category called "Food Type". 

Once Filters are enabled, IF a photo or video exist in your gallery matching that tag, then TrustSpot automatically shows the Category & Tags associated with it on your gallery. 

To learn more about the Visual Gallery and Advanced Filtering, click here

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