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We're glad to have you with us. This guide is meant to walk you through the basics of your account. 

Account Management 

When you first enter your new TrustSpot account there are a lot of options to choose from, but we recommend setting up your account information first. This will allow you to update your profile page as well so prospective visitors can learn more about your company. 

From the top right of your account click on your company name > Account Settings

Within the Account Settings area, you have a few options: 

  • General - This controls your user settings and reset your password

  • Billing - Your plan information and billing history sits here

  • Company Page - Customize your public profile page on TrustSpot

  • Employee Access - Invite other employees to access your account

  • Email Preferences - Receive notifications when new reviews or Q&A come in. 

  • Export Data - Available beginning on our Premium Plan

  • Credit History - This ledger tracks all events related to email credit consumption and provides greater insight to the credit balance header in the top bar menu.

Company Page

The company page controls all of the content shown on your public profile page. The profile page is hosted on TrustSpot and allows prospective customers in search results to see your page and learn more about your company. 

You can view your page at any time by clicking the top right of your account and click on "Visit My Page". 

Within the Company Page you have a few options to customize your public profile page, such as: 

  • Company Name

  • Website

  • Category  - Select a category that best represents your business.

  • Company Description - Tell prospective customers about your business.

  • Company Logo - Upload your company logo. This logo will be shown on your TrustSpot emails as well. 

We also have the ability to show a support box on your profile page. This is helpful if prospective customers visit your page and want to get in contact with you. 

Simply enable the support box by clicking the "Enable" button, you will than be shown a few option such as: 

  • Block Title - This is the title above the support box on the profile page

  • Support Email

  • Support Phone

  • Support Hours

* Enterprise plan customers can white label their company page by removing all mentions of TrustSpot and customize the colors to match their branding by checking the box "Enable White Labeling and Custom CSS” at the bottom of the page.

Importing Existing Reviews

Once your account is setup the next step is to import in any reviews you currently have. TrustSpot imports reviews from hundreds of reputable sources for both Company and Product Reviews. 

Company Reviews

If you have reviews on a reputable 3rd party site, and you would like to pull those into your TrustSpot account, you will need to do the following:

  • Click Company Reviews on the left menu

  • Click Import Existing Reviews

  • Enter the Source and Link

  • Attach your CSV file

Once you click submit, our team will be notified via email and we will begin the review process shortly. 

You'll receive an email notification when you import is complete and you will see it in the Import History tab.


Product Reviews

Since Product Reviews require a bit more information than just the company reviews portion, we will require you to fill out an import sheet so than we can add them into your account.

The template to use is linked on the Product Reviews > Import Existing Reviews page. Make sure to use the Product ID that we recognize within your product library Product Reviews > Products.

  • Click Product Reviews on the left menu

  • Click Import Existing Reviews

  • Enter in the Source

  • Attach your CSV file

You'll receive an email notification when you import is complete and you will see it in the Import History tab.


Customize your Email Template & Settings

Before you start inviting customers to write reviews, we strongly recommend you to customize your email template. You can do this from: 

  • Company Reviews > Automatic Email Settings

  • Product Reviews > Automatic Email Settings

We have a guide here, devoted to Email Best Practices as well. 


Next Steps & Support

These are the basics of setting up your new account, of course we have an entire support center devoted to guides for every feature in our platform. You can see them all here

Have a question or need support on getting started? 

Please contact our support team via our live chat or support@trustspot.io

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