The Social Media Module makes it easy to manage all of your social media posts and connections in one convenient location. The Social Media Module can be found by going to Marketing from the left menu and selecting Social Management.

The Social Management page contains three tabs:

  1. Scheduled Posts

  2. Connections

  3. Auto Post Settings

Scheduled Posts

Under this tab all of your social media posts can be viewed including:

  • Share Type

  • Social Type

  • Text

  • Details

  • Image

  • Schedule Date

  • Publish Date

  • Creation Date


You can view all social media pages connected to your TrustSpot account

Auto Post Settings

Text reviews can be posted automatically on a daily basis to Facebook and Twitter by enabling the auto post setting from this tab. To get started:

  • Toggle on the "enable" button

  • Customize your Company Review post title

    Tip: You can use the tag {customer} to display the customer name.

  • Customize you Product Review post title

    Tip: You can use the tag {product} to display the product name.

  • Select the maximum number of posts per day

  • Click the green "save settings" button and you are all set!

Have a question about the Social Media Module? Please contact our support team via the Live Chat icon on the bottom right or via email at

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