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Trust Element: Pop-up Survey Tab
Trust Element: Pop-up Survey Tab
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The Survey Pop-Up Tab allows your site visitors to submit feedback through a pop-up on your site and uses an Experience Survey Collector that you have created for your organization and is customizable so the pop-up tab matches your branding.

Getting Started with Pop-Up Survey Tabs

Pop-Up Survey Tabs can be created from the Trust Element menu option found in your Trustspot Dashboard. Once the desired Experience Survey Collector has been created, you are ready to create your Pop-Up Survey Tab.


Step 1`: Choose the Tab Position that best fits your website, Bottom, Left, or Right.

Step 2: Fill in the Tab Button Text - this is the text that will display on the tab and draw your visitors to the survey!

Step 3: Fill in the Tab Header Text - this displays after the visitor clicks the tab into the survey.

Step 4: Select the Experience Survey Collector.

Step 5: Save Settings.


Step 1: Select the font type for all text on the reviews tab.

Step 2: Select Star Type - customize how the star will display on the tab button.

Step 3: Select the Tab Star Color.

Step 4: Select the Tab Color.

Step 5: Select Tab Text Color.
Step 6: Save Settings.

-- These settings can be used to customize the Pop-Up Survey Tab and match your organization's website.

Pop-up Survey Tab Code

Copy and paste the below code at the end of your header (above the /head tag) on your website. The code will change each time changes are made to the settings or design of a Pop-Up Survey Tab. Be sure to copy and replace the code on your site anytime you make updates.

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