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Shopify Installation: Custom App
Shopify Installation: Custom App

Learn how to install the TrustSpot custom application on your Shopify store.

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This article will help you install the TrustSpot custom app on your Shopify Store. The custom app connects your store to your TrustSpot account. The custom app sends order data to Trustspot in order to generate auto-email campaigns.

Step 1

Create a Custom App

From within your Shopify store, click on the Apps tab

Select "Develop apps for your store"

Select "Create an app" and enter the app name "TrustSpot" and the app developer "Ryan Hadinger ( and select the green "create app" button.

Step 2

Configure the API Scopes

Select the "Configure Admin API Scopes"

Grant read access to these sections:

  • Assigned fulfillment orders

  • Customers

  • Draft orders

  • Fulfillment services

  • Merchant-managed fulfillment orders

  • Online Store pages

  • Orders

  • Product listings

  • Products

  • Themes

  • Third-party fulfillment orders

Once read access has been enabled for the sections, click the green "Install App" button.

Step 3

Now it's time to copy and paste the app's info into TrustSpot.

Copy your store URL without the "". From within your TrustSpot account go to

Paste your store URL in the Shopify Shop field

From your store, copy the API Key and paste into your TrustSpot account into the Shopify API key field

Copy the access token, not the secret key, and paste it into your TrustSpot account in the Shopify password field. Select the "Enable Shopify Direct Integration" box and click "save settings".

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