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Trust A.I. Response Generator

Learn how to use TrustSpot A.I. Response Generator!

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Using the A.I. Responder is simple:

Step 1: Go to CR/PR Review Moderation

Step 2: Find a review to respond to and click "Respond"

Step 3: Click on the Blue "A.I. Responder" button

After clicking on the A.I. Responder button, a pop-up will appear. To the left there are two main inputs:


Choose between 4 different tones:

  • Ideal (default)

  • Chatty

  • Simple

  • Verbose


The instructions allow you to give the A.I. inputs for what to generate. Automatically, our system produces preset instructions which the following:

"Write me a response to this review - "{review text submitted from corresponding customer}"

Step 4: Click "Generate" and wait about 10 seconds

Step 5: Review the A.I. generated response.

If you are satisfied with the response generated (even just a little, as a starting point)

Step 6: Click "Use Response"

From here you will find the generated response fills the Response field with the corresponding review! Feel free to edit the response from here or generate a new response with different inputs.

Notes on Credits:

When opening the A.I. popup, you'll notice a credit number in the top right corner. Every account will start with 50 credits.

1 Credit = 1 Generated Response

Every time you click "Generate" (within the popup) 1 credit will be used.

If you run out of credits and try to generate a response, a sub-popup will appear where you can request more credits; our support team will be sent an email with this request. The pricing per credit will follow the same pricing we have for purchasing additional Email Credits

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