Visual Moderation makes it easy to discover all of your Photos, Videos and Instagram content in a dedicated area. Add visual tags to submissions in order to build custom displays on your website.

The Visual Moderation feature is available starting on our Premium Plan, but not all functionality is available on that plan. Features such as Videos or Experience Surveys are on higher plans. Please review our pricing page to learn more. 

Getting started with Visual Moderation

Whenever a new Photo, Video or Instagram Photo is added into your account, that content will also live within the Visual Moderation area. The purpose of this page, is to allow you to only see visual content, and have more flexibility with filtering, tagging and social sharing. 

You can access Visual Moderation from two menus (content is the same on both): 

  • Product Reviews > Visual Moderation

  • Experience Surveys > Visual Moderation

Once you're within Visual Moderation, there are a few things to interact with your content. 

  • Publish & Unpublish content in 1-click

  • Social Share to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin

  • Search & Filter to find results faster

  • Favorite Content

  • Add Visual Tags 

What are Visual Tags, and why are they so important? 

Visual Tags are a concept in TrustSpot, of allowing you to add a customized piece of text to any Photo or Video. By doing so, you now have the flexibility to create custom visual carousels & galleries driven by that tag, in addition to the ability to add advanced filtering options (based on tags) to your gallery. 

To add a Visual Tag, simply do the following: 

  • Click on any Photo or Video

  • Scroll down on the right side, and add or select a tag to add to this item

  • You're done! 

Example of using Visual Tags

Let's say for example you have 50 photos & videos, and you want to build a visual carousel on your website only showing content from the beach. You would simply tag each of your beach photos or videos with the tag "beach" from visual moderation. 

Next, you would go to: 

  • Trust Elements > Visual Carousel

  • Select the option called "Limit carousel content based on tags" 

  • Select the "beach" tag you created earlier

Now when you save this visual carousel, only photos & videos with your tag will display in the carousel. 

By utilizing Visual Tags, you can create truly immersive experiences for your customers. 

Learn more about our advanced visual capabilities

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